Did you know: Hackers frequently attempt to get around security measures by leaving infected USBs lying around. Watch the ‘Unknown Media’ Mimecast video and continue reading to be well-equipped to avoid getting conned like this guy in the meme. 😎 #WoodlandsDairySA #FortheGoodofAll #ICTCyberSecurity

* Precautions: unknown USB sticks and media:

  1. Avoid plugging in an unknown USB unless you trust its source.
  2. Don’t assume your computer’s OS will protect you from a USB stick’s contents.
  3. If you find a lost USB stick or similar device in public, do not pick it up!

* Apply the same precautions to unfamiliar media, such as microSD cards used in smartphones and cameras.

Read more here: https://kont.ly/bc79297f

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