Risk assessments matter

Perform a quick checklist before you perform a task to keep everyone safe. Complete the survey in the link below and stand a chance to win R500 cash. #WoodlandsDairySA #FortheGoodofAll #HealthandSafety
🚧 Perform a risk assessment of the task and surroundings
🚧 Do you have a valid work permit?
🚧 PPE: do you have the correct eye protection? The correct gloves? Protective footwear?
🚧 Do you need any special PPE, such as a chemical respirator or a harness?
🚧 Is your PPE in good and safe condition?
🚧 Do you have the correct tools and are they in good working condition?
🚧 Do you know how to operate the tools or equipment?
🚧 Do you know how to complete the task safely?
🚧 Do you understand the standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to your tasks?
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