Ammonia Response Actions

In the workplace, ammonia is seen as a health hazard. The ammonia response actions indicated below should be followed in this situation to protect your Health & Safety. 💥 #FortheGoodofAll #WoodlandsDairySA #HealthandSafety

❶ Low Risk Alarm: 5 sec on, 5 sec off siren ➡️ Stay indoors, close windows & switch off air conditioners

❷ Medium Risk Alarm: 10 sec on, 10 sec off siren ➡️ Same as Low Risk Alarm, but will evacuate if it worsens

❸ High Risk Alarm: 30 sec on, 10 sec off ➡️ EMS officials inform to evacuate

❹ All Clear: 3 short bursts, 1 sec apart ➡️ Employees may return Stand a chance to WIN R500 cash by completing this survey:

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