The July #HealthandSafety survey results are live! The average percentage of correct answers was 74%. Good start – but we want to achieve at least 90%. To guarantee everyone’s safety, be sure you are familiar with all Health & Safety regulations. 😎 #FortheGoodofAll #WoodlandsDairySA

July H&S Survey Results:

1. Who is responsible for emergencies

  • Correct answer: Departmental heads, supervisors and our employees which could include: emergency planning committee, emergency coordinator, emergency response team.
  • Percentage of correct answers: 76%

2. What is the emergency alarm trigger for evacuation?

  • Correct answer: Evacuation: 1 x long continuous sound
  • Percentage of correct answers: 88.68%

3. Which of the following duties are not part of ‘Shelter in Place’ protocol?

  • Correct answer: The employee determines extent of emergency
  • Percentage of correct answers: 81.13%

4. Which of the following alarms are not part of ‘Shelter in Place’ emergencies?

  • Correct answers: – 30 sec on, 10 sec off. – 3 short bursts, 1 sec apart. – 10 sec on, 10 sec off siren. – 5 sec on, 5 sec off siren.
  • Percentage of correct answers: 49.05%
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