Our August #HealthandSafety survey results are out! There’s been a 1% improvement, but we can do better. Our lives are on the line, let’s continue to educate ourselves on all Health and Safety regulations to make sure we reduce the likelihood of any injuries. 💪🏽 #FortheGoodofAll #WoodlandsDairySA

August H&S Survey Results:

1. Give one reason why we need to cooperate in safety matters?

  • Correct answers: Less chance of getting hurt, more confident on the job, decrease possibility and the fear of being injured
  • Percentage of correct answers: 52%

2. Which action does not constitute being safety conscious?

  • Correct answer: Don’t tell others
  • Percentage of correct answers: 91%

3. What do you need to do when someone is doing something unsafe?

  • Correct answer: Speak up
  • Percentage of correct answers: 70%

4. Which of the following statements is not a safety rule?

  • Correct answer: Wear white clothes
  • Percentage of correct answers: 88%
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