Our September Health and Safety survey results are live! The employee-related question accuracy was 79%, a 4% climb from August results. Prepare for audits to ensure compliance, maintain integrity, avoid legal consequences, and foster accountability. 🙌🏽 #FortheGoodofAll #WoodlandsDairySA

September H&S Survey Results:

1. What are the overall benefits of ISO 45001?

  • Correct answers: Improves hazard identification and risk assessment. | Reduces downtime, overall costs of incidents at the workplace and the number of insurance premiums claimed. | Enhances the involvement of leadership and participation from employees.
  • Percentage of correct answers: 97%

2. How to be prepared for an audit?

  • Correct answer: Be aware of the purpose of an audit. | Respond openly and honestly to the auditor. | Provide evidence of ISO 45001 compliance. | Prepare yourself to answer the auditor’s questions
  • Percentage of correct answers: 65%

3. Specifically concentrating on ISO 45001, what is the first stage of the audit checklist?

  • Correct answer: Context of the organisation.
  • Percentage of correct answers: 21%

4. What is not part of ISO 45001’s end goal?

  • Correct answer: Identify hazards for improvement. (Identify “opportunities” not “hazards”).
  • Percentage of correct answers: 76%
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