Updated risk assessments matter

Keeping everyone safe: updated risk assessments and SOPs for all departments.
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Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HealthandSafety_Apr24 Departments Must: 
⚠️ Ensure that they have an updated risk assessment of all current activities and tasks within their departments. The department head is responsible for doing this.
⚠️ Update risk assessments accordingly should any activities or processes change. 
⚠️ Display the latest updated version of the risk assessment on the departments’ notice boards. 
⚠️ Ensure that the relevant safe work procedures are updated, approved, and loaded onto the ISO 45001 OH&S MS once risk assessments are updated. Risk Assessments and SOPs 
⚠️ All employees must be trained on the contents of risk assessments and safe work procedures.  All employees are to sign as proof of competence. 
⚠️ The use of unauthorised SOPs is strictly forbidden. 
⚠️ All risk assessments and SOPs must sufficiently cover the risks within the departments. 
⚠️ Departmental leaders are to ensure that the contents of safe work procedures are always complied with.
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